Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Restoran Santai

Restoran Santai at TTDI looks much better now (after the 2007 refurbishment exercise). It is brighter and more inviting.

Santai serves typical Malay dishes. I love the steamed siakap and kerapu but at RM28.00 (minimum price) per serving (for 2 people), price is too steep especially bila tengah bulan. Kena tunggu hujung bulan baru boleh order. Hahahaha!

Last year, we took our relatives for lunch. My wife's uncle ordered nasi goreng kerabu and kerabu mangga. I never go for any kerabu thingy but after I had one "cubit" of that kerabu mangga, I became a fan of kerabu mangga.

So during my last visit to Santai, I ordered kerabu mangga together with ikan masak tiga rasa and udang tepung.

Kerabu Mangga blends perfectly with Ikan Masak Tiga Rasa
The so-so Udang TepungIkan masak tiga rasa did not leave any impression but when I took it with kerabu mangga, the combo taste "exploded" in my mouth. I can't defined the taste but the tiga rasa sauce blended perfectly with the slightly sour kerabu mangga. It was........... SEDAP! (Man! I really have to work on my English and vocab :p)

If you are in TTDI and not sure where to makan and you are keen to have Malay food, think of Santai. Alternatively, you can also opt for Puteri, Baiti's (slightly expensive), Resepi Bonda or Pucuk Paku.

Restoran Santai
10, Persiaran Zaaba,
TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-77288173

Cuisine: Malay
Rating: Food = B- / C+

Rating System:
A = Recommended
B = Worth A Visit
C = Average
D = Below Average
E = Waste Of "Hard-Earned" Money. Seriously, I'm Not Kidding!

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