Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About Go M2 J2

This blog is not meant to be a definitive guide to eating out - it is a basic reference blog meant for my family, relatives and friends. Being the visual person that I am, reviews will be minimal but I hope to provide all the necessary info for you to get going and explore your palates. Watch this space too for links to other reviews found on the world wide web.

All the makan places featured in this blog are classified as follows:
1. Halal - by virtue being owned by a Muslim (even though I strongly feel that Muslim owned eateries should also get a halal cert from Jakim).
2. Halal - with partial certification. Basically places like for example Chilli's Grill & Bar has halal cert for meat & poultry, but does not attain full halal certification because the eatery serves alcohol.
3. Halal - with full certification.
For issue 1 & 2 mentioned above, if in doubt, please check with the manager / owner before you start gobbling everything down your throat!

To my Muslim friends & relatives from Singapore, Indonesia & Australia, please do NOT assume all makan places over here serve halal food. If you come across a makan place with Muslim workers (especially with girls wearing tudung), please do NOT assume that food served is all halal. Check first! Eatery could only be just pork free. Pork Free is definitely NOT equivalent to halal! This is very apparent in many mid-class and up-market makan places.

Well, anyway, it’s not up to me to decide what you can or not to eat…

Enjoy reading & eating!

Note: I'm using Manglish for this blog. Grammatical error and spelling mistake is part of it! Hehehe!

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