Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green House Thai Cuisine

On Sunday afternoon, we went to SS12 with intention to have lunch at Kafe Bawang Merah. We read a review of this cafe at Cumi & Ciki Food Blog. But the cafe is closed on Sunday. So we had to look for an aternative makan place. We have been to almost every corners of Subang Jaya (inclusive of USJ) and we are running out of ideas of where to go....

While driving around SS15, we remembered that there is this Thai restaurant next to JM Bariyani House in SS18. And within minutes we reached that makan place called Green House Thai Cuisine Restaurant.

The Incredible Hulk colours - Green, green, green, inside out green!
We have no clue what the menu or pricing would be like. We just hope that the food is acceptable and the price is reasonable. We don't need another "disappointing" makan outing (like the one we had a day earlier).

Once we entered the outlet, place was slightly empty. Only three dining tables were occupied. That was not a good sign for us. Either the food is expensive or the food is crap.

We sat down at within seconds, the waiter came to us and "literally" threw the menu onto the table. Seriously! I'm not kidding! He just dropped the menu and the walked back to the kitchen.

When I opened the menu book, I looked at the price and it seems that the dishes are reasonably priced. Lega! And the selection is rather extensive. Green House serves starter like mini popia, roti udang, variety of soups, vegetable, chicken, beef, prawn, squid and lala dishes. Most of the dishes are priced between RM5.00 - RM10.00 per plate. The prawn dishes are slightly expensive, priced at RM16.90 per plate while the fish is based on market price.

Not wanting to "waste" money, we ordered "entry level" dishes:

Nasi Goreng Chicken Teriyaki @ RM7.90 - Teriyaki... Thai or Japanese?Nasi Goreng Beef Teriyaki @ RM7.90
Waallaa! The chicken and beef tasted really good. It was well marinated with the teriyaki sauce. The rice had a bit too much pepper (to our liking) but it was savoury nonetheless!

Sweet & Sour Chicken @ RM9.90A litle bit soggy and the chicken is slightly on the soft side but the chicken meat absorbed the sweetness and sourness of the sauce making the dish more "terasa".

Kailan Ikan Masin @ RM4.90
I would prefer a less soggy dish but the "kuah" was somehow rather tasty.

We practically enjoyed our lunch at this makan outlet and have no hesistation to recommend this eatery to anyone.

Green House Thai Cuisine
7, Jalan SS 18/6, Subang Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-56325290

Cuisine: Thai
Rating: Food = B

Rating System:
A = Recommended
B = Worth A Visit
C = Average
D = Below Average
E = Waste Of "Hard-Earned" Money. Seriously, I'm Not Kidding!

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